Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Program description :

Department of Mathematics offers programs of graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). These programs have been established to enable students with strong research motivation to develop their interests through advanced study. The programs of study and courses are designed as flexible as possible, in order to enable students to shape their studies as far as possible in accordance with their own specific interests. Research activities are conducted in collaboration with prominent universities and institutes in Turkey, Europe the rest of the world.

M.S. Programs entail four semesters of study comprising seven courses, a seminar, and completion of a thesis which must be defended under oral examination conditions.

Ph.D. Programs involves eight semesters of study, comprising seven courses, and completion of a thesis, which must be defended under oral examination conditions.


Curriculum :


Course Code Course Title Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week) Lab / Tutorial (hrs/week)
COMP500 Master Thesis No-Credit - -
REQ1 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ2 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ3 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ4 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ5 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ6 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ7 Required Course 3 3 -
MATH598 Seminar No-Credit - -





2016 - 2017 Academic Year New Graduate Student Tuition Fee :











Students (USD)





Students (USD)

with 50 %







(includes VAT)

(includes VAT)

(includes VAT)

(includes VAT)

Registration fee per course

1.274,70 TL

2.324,60 TL



Thesis registration fee

1.575,00 TL

2.925,00 TL



Term Project (first registration)





Term Project (second registration)





Seminar (first registration)





Seminar (second registration)

254,94 TL

464,92 TL



ENG511 , ENGL509 (20 hour/week) (semester fee)

5.823,10 TL

8.374,60 TL



ENGL 513, ENGL 515, ENGL 521, ENGL 523, ENGL 525

637,35 TL

1.162,30 TL



Deficiency program course

892,29 TL

1.627,22 TL



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