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Program Description

Department of Architecture offers a learning environment with a contemporary approach to education for young people of diverse cultural backgrounds. The aim is to provide opportunities for future architects to be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to cope with rapid global changes, to react rationally as well as creatively to contemporary issues in architecture, its problems and challenges, within an interdisciplinary approach to education through its distinguished academic infrastructure. The graduates are expected to contribute to the improvement of quality of life as dynamic individuals with a high sense of responsibility and leadership, capable of assuming central roles in teamwork -a global reality of our day.

With this vision, the Department of Architecture offers M.S., M.Arch. and PhD programs in Architecture to provide high quality service and research to the national and international community as being one of the leading candidate school of architecture within the region. The graduate programs in the Department of Architecture are accredited by Y.O.K (Higher Education Council in Turkey) and recognized by international academic associations such as European Association of Architectural Education (EAAE), European University Association and International Association of Universities.

The Department of Architecture offers a program of study leading to the degree of Master of Architecture (M.S. - with thesis) for students whose training and orientation are primarily in architecture. The Master of Science in Architecture Program is designed to provide thorough training in the theory and practice of architecture and other related disciplines in architecture. It is designed to provide a climate for research and inquiry that stresses the investigative component of understanding the built environment. The program does not convey any professional accreditation, but does offer an opportunity to concentrate on architecture to an advanced level of sophistication, focusing on a particular specialist approach. The program has a strong interest in the methods of inquiry, development and testing of knowledge, and the building and application of theory as it pertains to the built environment. It allows students to specialize in areas in which they wish to obtain particular abilities.



Course Code Course Title Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week)
ARCH500 Master Thesis No-Credit
ARCH501 Interdisciplinary Workshop - I 3 3
ARCH505 Advanced Research Methods 3 3
REQ1 Required Course 3 3
REQ2 Required Course 3 3
REQ3 Required Course 3 3
REQ4 Required Course 3 3
REQ5 Required Course 3 3
ARCH598 Seminar No-Credit -



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ENG511 , ENGL509 (20 hour/week) (semester fee)



ENGL 513, ENGL 515, ENGL 521, ENGL 523, ENGL 525



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