Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Program description :

The objective of the Master's program in economics is to provide advanced training in the application of economic theory and quantitative methods for the analysis of economic problems and the design of economic policies. Candidates for the Master of Science degree in economics are required to complete eight courses (24 credit-hours) and a thesis. The program consists of three required core courses ECON 501 Microeconomics Theory, ECON 502 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, and ECON 503 Econometric I. In addition, the students must complete five elective courses in economics or a closely related field. Students who wish to complete the master’s program in economics who have completed an undergraduate degree in another field may be admitted to the program, subject to successfully completing selected prerequisite undergraduate economics courses.


Course Code Course Title Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week) Lab / Tutorial (hrs/week)
ECON500 Master Thesis No-Credit 3 -
ECON501 Microeconomic Theory 3 3 1
ECON502 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy 3 3 -
ECON503 Econometrics 3 3 1
REQ1 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ2 Required Course 3 - -
REQ3 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ4 Required Course 3 3 -
ECON598 Seminar No-Credit - -


2016 - 2017 Academic Year New Graduate Student Tuition Fee:


Master's Program (with Thesis)


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International students (USD )

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Term Project (first registration)



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ENG511 , ENGL509 (20 hour/week) (semester fee)



ENGL 513, ENGL 515, ENGL 521, ENGL 523, ENGL 525



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