Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Information and Communication Technologies in Education Master's Program

MSc degrees in Information and Communication Technologies in Education is designed to provide advanced professional studies at graduate level to develop capabilities essential to the effective design, evaluation, delivery of technology-based instruction and training (e.g. software development, multimedia development, assistive technology modifications, web-based development, and distance learning).

The programs are intended (1) to prepare educators to assume leadership roles in the integration of both existing and emerging educational and information and communication technologies into the school curriculum or instructional activities, (2) to provide graduate-level instructional opportunities for several populations (e.g., classroom teachers, corporate trainers, educational software developers, educational system designers, etc.) that need to acquire both technological competencies and an understanding of sound instructional design principles and techniques, and (3) make informed decisions or recommendations regarding adoption of existing or emerging educational and information technologies in a learning environment.


Course Code Course Title Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week) Lab / Tutorial (hrs/week)
ICTE500 M.S. Thesis No-Credit - -
ICTE501 Instructional Design Theory and Application 3 3 -
ICTE502 Design and Evaluation of Instructional Materials 3 3 -
ITEC511 IT Project Management 3 3 -
ITEC542 Information Technology and Instruction 3 3 -
REQ1 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ2 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ3 Required Course 3 3 -
ICTE598 Seminar No-Credit - -



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ENG511 , ENGL509 (20 hour/week) (semester fee)



ENGL 513, ENGL 515, ENGL 521, ENGL 523, ENGL 525



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